Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

2002 Revenue Estimating Conference

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The following presentations are in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format unless otherwise noted:

Monday ­ September 30
General Session


Overall Macroeconomic Outlook
Cynthia Latta, DRI-WEFA

Regional Economic Outlook
Charles de Seve, American Economics Group

The Declining Trend in Corporate Taxes
Michael Mazerov, Center on Budget and Policy Priorties

Streamlined Sales Tax Project
Harley Duncan, Federation of Tax Administrators


Wednesday Morning ­ October 2
General Session

IRS Statistics of Income Division--update of services
Dan Holik, Internal Revenue Service­Statistics of Income Division

Purchasers Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Index
Terri Tracey, Institute for Supply Management

Monday, Afternoon ­ September 30
Breakout Sessions


Sectorial Outlook

Retail, Cynthia Latta, DRI-WEFA
Housing, Charles de Seve, American Economics Group
Automobile, Mark Haas, Michigan Department of Treasury

Managing a Research Shop

Dick Gebhart, Minnesota Dept. of Revenue
Karen Schlain, New York City Dept. of Finance
Tom Potiowsky, Oregon Office of Economic Analysis
Brenda Stoner, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue


Tuesday ­ October 1
Breakout Sessions


Business Tax Reform

Corporate Business Tax Reform: New Jersey and Beyond
Richard Kaluzny, New Jersey Division of Taxation

In Search of the Elusive State Corporate Income Tax: Where "Does" Economic Activity Occur?
Robert Cline
, Ernst and Young, LLP

Revitalizing the State Corporate Income Tax
Michael Maserov
, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act

Scott Mackey, Kimball, Sherman & Ellis
Sarah Bleakley, Florida Association of Counties
Dan Wood and Jim Stevens, New York State Dept. of Taxation and Finance
C. Daniel Hassell, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue

Individual Income Tax Issues

Capital Gains and the Wisconsin Income Tax
Yeang-Eng Braun, Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue

California's Capital Asset Study
Phil Spilberg, California Franchise Tax Board

Boom and Bust: Sources of the Federal Revenue Boom of the Late 1990's and
the Implications for the 2002 Revenue Shortfall

David Weiner, U.S. Congressional Budget Office

Streamlined Sales Tax Project

Robert Cox
, Kentucky Office for Economic Analyst
Christian Weiss, Florida Dept. of Revenue

Effectiveness of Tax Incentives

A Review of West Virginia's Tax Incentive Program
Roger Cox, West Virginia Dept. of Tax and Revenue

Washington State's Tax Incentives
Mary Welsh, Washington Dept. of Revenue

Tax Increment Financing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Greg Harkenrider, Kentucky Office of State Budget Director


Data Base Techniques

Trends in Book-Tax Income and Balance Sheet Differences
Lillian Mills, University of Arizona

Response to Recent Federal Initiatives

Robert Gross, Vermont Dept. of Taxes
Rod Hoheisel, Minnesota Dept. of Revenue

Effect of Exogenous Disasters on Tax Policy and Research

Art Friedson and Pat Cohen, New York State Dept. of Taxation and Finance
Holger Ciupalo, Florida Dept. of Revenue
Karen Schlain, New York City
Mike Kaufman, Oklahoma Tax Commission
Tom Clifford, New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Dept.