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Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

Report a Data Breach

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Business and Tax Professional Data Breach Reporting Process

When a business or tax professional is the victim of a data breach, we work with the victim to report this information to state tax revenue agencies.  

A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release or theft of secure information. It can be the improper disposal of personally identifiable information in the trash or a sophisticated cyber-attack on corporate computers by criminals. It can affect companies large or small.

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How does a business or tax professional notify the states of a data breach?

Have you been a victim? Notify us!
When a business or tax professional identifies they have been the victim of data breach, they can notify the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) by sending an email to StateAlert@taxadmin.org.

What happens after the business or tax professional notifies FTA?

We work immediately to notify agencies.

Once FTA is notified, we will work with the individual(s) who is reporting it, to notify state tax revenue agencies and provide details on next steps. 

Do you need to notify the IRS? 

Yes, you should notify the IRS.

If you are a tax professional, report the client data theft to your local stakeholder liaison.  If individual W-2/SSN data theft occurred, email Dataloss@irs.gov.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this page? 

Contact us anytime.

Please send any questions about this page to StateAlert@taxadmin.org.  

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