Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

2001 Revenue Estimating Conference

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2001 FTA Revenue Estimating Conference - Minneapolis, MN

Monday Morning General Session

The U.S. Economy: Between Two Eras
Cynthia Latta, DIR—WEFA

The Economic Outlook
Mark Zandi,, Inc. (Not Presented)

Regional Forecast: We are in Recession
Charles W. de Seve, American Economics Group

Streamlined Sales Tax Project
Diane Hardt, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

The Electric Industry As Told by Yogi Berra [tables accompanying remarks]
Mike Bull, Minnesota House Research Department
(Not available electronically)


Wednesday Morning -- General Session

Washington Update
Harley Duncan, Federation of Tax Administrators

Measuring Electronic Business
Thomas L. Mesenbourg, U.S. Census Bureau (presented by John Gates, U.S. Census Bureau)

Michigan's Experience With School Finance Reform
Mark Haas, Michigan Department of Treasury


Monday Afternoon--Concurrent Session

Economic Outlook by Sector

Motor Vehicle Outlook
Mark Haas, Michigan Department of Treasury

Retail Sales/Sales Tax
Charles W. de Seve, Ph. D., American Economics Group

The American Love Affair With Housing
Cynthia Latta, DIR—WEFA

Issues in Tax Reform

New Hampshire Education Funding Reform
G. Philip Blatsos, New Hampshire Dept. of Revenue Administration

Minnesota's Tax Reform 2001
Richard Gebhart, Minnesota Dept. of Revenue

Tax Reform: West Virginia Style[presentation]
Mark Muchow, West Virginia Dept. of Tax and Revenue
(Not available electronically)


Tuesday Concurrent Session

Estimating the Impact of the Streamlined Sales Tax System

Fiscal Effects on Wisconsin of Adopting the Definitions Proposed
by the Streamlined Sales Tax Project

Blair P. Kruger, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Streamlining One Industry: The Communications Industry in Florida [presentation]
Christian Weiss, Florida Dept. of Revenue
(Not available electronically)

FY 2002 Personal Income Tax Forecasting . . .

Issues in Tax Year 2001 Income Tax Forecasting in Minnesota [tables accompanying remarks]
Thomas Stinson, Minnesota Dept. of Finance
(Not available electronically)

Issues in Forecasting Individual Nonwithholding Payments [tables accompanying remarks]
John R. Layman, Virginia Dept. of Taxation
(Not available electronically)

Issues with Taxing Deregulated Industries

Minnesota Utility Tax Reform
Jennifer Engh, Minnesota Department of Revenue
A Tax System That Make Sense for Minnesota: Utility Tax Reform [final report]
(Not available electronically)

Study of Electricity Taxation
Ray Philen, Washington State Department of Revenue
Anne Solwick,Washington State Department of Revenue
Lorrie Brown,Washington State Department of Revenue

Electricity Generation: Customer Choice and Competition
Brenda Stoner, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Single Sales Factor

The "Single Sales Factor" Formula for State Corporate Taxes:
A Boon To Economic Development or a Costly Giveaway

Michael Mazerov, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Double-Weighted Sales Factor in the Pennsylvania Corporate
Net Income Tax 1993-1998

C. Daniel Hassel, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Single Sales Factor Apportionment Distributional Data
Pam Walgren, Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue

Forecasting for an Economic Downturn

Hunting for Leading Indicators: The Iowa Experience
Michael Lipsman, Iowa Dept. of Revenue and Finance
(Not available electronically)

Data Base Techniques

Corporation Simulation Model
Bill Witzlenben, New York State Dept. of Taxation & Finance

Capital Gains Data From the Wisconsin Tax Model
Eng Braun, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Estate Tax Forecasting Issues

Estimating the Effect of Federal Estate Tax Changes on Michigan

David Zin, Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency (Presented by Rebacca Ross, Michigan House Fiscal Agency)