Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

2019 FTA Revenue Estimating Conference

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2019 FTA Revenue Estimating Conference - Presentations

All presentations are in pdf format.


Monday, September 23, 2019
Monday Morning General Session

 presiding: Charlotte Otabor, Dist. of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue and FTA Research Chair      
Welcome to New Orleans
 Kimberly Lewis Robinson, Secretary, Louisiana Dept. of Revenue      

Macroeconomic Outlook
 Joel Prakken, Macroeconomic Advisers by IHS Market

Regional Economic Outlook
 Dan White, Moody's Analytics

Using Alternative Scenarios in Forecasting
 Irena Asmundson, California Dept. of Finance

Revenue Volatility and Approaches to Reduce Risk to the State Budget
 Andrew Schaufele, Comptroller of Maryland

Lunch [with speaker]
Revenue Estimating, Art, Science, and Luck
 James Richardson, Louisiana State University      

Concurrent Sessions


 moderator: Derek Santos, Idaho Division of Financial Management      

Automobile Outlook
 Kim Hill, HWA Analytics/Mobility Futures

Construction Outlook
 Kenneth Simonson, AGCA

Retail Outlook
 Christopher Gerlach, ICSC

Evaluating Tax Credit/Incentives

 moderator: Timothy Lenell, Nebraska Dept. of Revenue      
Evaluating Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects for the District of Columbia
 Yi Geng, Dist. of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue
2020 Tax Exemption Study Analyzing Exemptions in Washington State
 Kim Davis, Washington Dept. of Revenue


Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Joint FTA-NTA Session - Emerging Frontiers in State & Local Taxation: Issues & Options*
 moderator: Ranjana Madhusudhan, New Jersey Department of Treasury      
Are States Betting on Sins? The Murky Future of State Taxation
 Lucy Dadayan, Tax Policy Center, The Urban Institute
 [presentation]    [papers]
Trends in Gaming Taxation
 Michael Pollock, Spectrum Gaming

 discussant: Robert Zahradnik, Pew Charitable Trusts      

 * Organized by Dr. Ranjana Madhusudhan, New Jersey Dept. of Treasury      

Concurrent Sessions

Stress Testing State Revenue Forecasts

 moderator: Ed McLenaghan, North Carolina Office of Management and Budget      
Relieving Stress Through Stress-Testing Revenues
 Michael Allen, Maine Revenue Services
Stress Testing The Utah State Budget
 Richie Wilcox, Utah Office of Management and Budget and Andrea Wilko, Utah Legislative Fiscal Office
Recession Planning in North Carolina A Work in Progress
 Ed McLenaghan, North Carolina Office of Management and Budget
Wayfair-Marketplace Tax Issues
 moderator: Amy Gill, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue      
Sales Tax Collection After Wayfair: Did States Get What They Need?
 Amy Gill, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue
Marketplace Fairness Washington State Revenue Tracking
 Kathy Oline and Valerie Torres, Washington Dept. of Revenue
Wayfair and Marketplace
 Tom Currah and Karey Barton, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
REMI Tax-PI: Dynamic Fiscal Analysis of State Policies
 Dr. Peter Evangelakis, Senior Economist, REMI

Understanding how changes in policy or economic shocks will affect a states economy, population, and budget is vital for policy-makers, especially in states Departments of Revenue. This presentation will describe how REMIs dynamic economic, demographic, and fiscal model, Tax-PI, allows users to analyze these impacts in a wide variety of contexts. It will explore how Tax-PI has been used by REMI clients and provide a live demonstration.

Combined Reporting & Other Corporate Tax Issues

 moderator: Harry Tsang, New Jersey Dept. of Treasury      
Pennsylvania's Combined Reporting Study - an Update
 Amy Gill, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue
Implementation of a Major Tax Policy Change
 Rahul Sarathy, Rhode Island Division of Taxation
Rethinking Forecast Models in a Changing Economy

 moderator: Laura Wheeler, Georgia State University      
Forecasting Sales Tax Changing Patterns of Consumption and Emerging Channels of Retail
 Lauren Tanselle, Indiana Legislative Services Agency and Gayani Wedippuli, Indiana State Budget Agency
Modeling Corporate Income Tax After Decade of Change
 Norton Francis, Dist. of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Chainbridge Software
Experience Estimating the Revenue Impact of TJCA a Microsimulation Modeling Approach

 Eric Cook and Jaime Copenhaver Chainbridge Software, LLC

Chainbridge will present a brief overview of microsimulation modeling in general, along with an update on their experience estimating the revenue impact of the international, individual and business provisions of TCJA.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Wednesday Morning General Session  

 presiding: Charlotte Otabor, Dist. of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue and FTA Research Chair      
TCJA on a Families' Tax Burden Across the U.S
 Lori Metcalf, Dist. of Columbia Office of Revenue Analysis
Panel: TCJA - Impact on States      
TCJA and California
 Allen Prohofsky, California Franchise Tax Board
Fiscal Impact of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) on Virginia
 John Layman, Virginia Dept. of Taxation

See You in Pittsburgh
 October 3-7, 2020