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Improving and empowering state tax administration

2018 Revenue Estimating Conference

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2018 FTA Revenue Estimating Conference - Presentations

All presentations are in pdf format.


Monday, October 8, 2018
Monday Morning General Session

 presiding: Bob McKee, Florida Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

 Irena Asmundson, Chief Economist, California Dept. of Finance      

Macroeconomic Outlook
 Joel Prakken, Macroeconomic Advisors/IHS Markit

Regional Economic Outlook
 Daniel White, Moodys Analytics

Impact of TCJA on State Business Taxes
 Steve Wlodychak and Andrew Phillips, Ernst & Young

State Tax Revenue Forecasts and Actual Trends in the Wake of the TCJA
 Lucy Dadayan, Urban Institute Tax Policy Center


Lunch [with speaker]
Title: The Impact of State Taxes on the Location of High Income Taxpayers
  Daniel Wilson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


Concurrent Sessions


 moderator: Bob McKee, Florida Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

Outlook for the Retail Sector
 Joel Prakken, Macroeconomic Advisors/IHS Markit

Outlook for the Construction Sector
 Kenneth Simonson, Associated General Contractors of America

Outlook for the Automobile Sector
 Kim Hill, HWA Analytics


Data Base Development and Analysis

 moderator: Kim Davis, Washington Dept. of Revenue      

Wisconsin DOR Interactive Data Visualization
 Robert Schmidt, Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue

California FTB Open Data Portal
 Sean McDaniel, California Franchise Tax Board


Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Joint FTA-NTA Session* - TCJA Analysis

 moderator: Ranjana Madhusudhan, New Jersey Office of Revenue      

The Impact of the TCJA Individual Income Tax Provisions Across the States
 Frank Sammartino, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center

Tacking with the Windfall: TCJA Impacts on Georgias Budget and Taxpayers
 Robert d. Buschman, Georgia State University


 discussant: Norton Francis, District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue      


 * Organized by Dr. Ranjana Madhusudhan, New Jersey Dept. of Treasury      


Concurrent Sessions

State Analysis & Estimated Impact of TCJA

 moderator: Ed McLenaghan, North Carolina Office of State Budget & Management      

 Curtis Walker, Minnesota Dept. of Revenue


 Thomas Shaner, Idaho State Tax Commission      


 David Gunter, Maine Revenue Services




Tax Credit and Incentive Analysis

 moderator: Timothy Lenell, Nebraska Dept. of Revenue      

DC Tax Expenditures and Economic Development
 Charlotte Otabor and Lori Metcalf, District of Columbia ORA


Dynamic Fiscal and Economic Analysis: Experience from the States

 Dr. Frederick Treyz, Chief Economist/CEO and Dr. Peter Evangelakis, Senior Economist, REMI

State-level policy makers need to consider the implications of decisions on both the economic well-being of residents, and on the state budget. This presentation describes the experience of states using dynamdynamic tax policy analysis, fiscal and economic impact analysis of Amazon HQ2.0, and evaluation of other state-level policies.      


IHS Markit
Forecasting State Fuel Use Tax by Understanding Motor Vehicle Technology and Volume

 Rachel Shue, Automotive Consultant, IHS Markit
An automotive expert from IHS Markit will offer insight into how technology advancements related to motor vehicle fuel economy will impact state fuel use tax revenue.


Issues in Corporate Taxation

 moderator: Harry Tsang, New Jersey Dept. of Treasury      

Corporate Profit Shifting in Anticipation of Tax Reform
 Zhong Jin, Iowa Dept. of Revenue

Bonus Depreciation in Montana's Tax System
 Rosemary Bender, Montana Dept. of Revenue

The Effect of Combined Reporting on the District's Tax Revenue
 Yi Geng, Uranbileg Enkhtuvshin and Fahad Fahimullah, District of Columbia ORA


Sales Tax Issues

 moderator: Eric Hurley, Colorado Dept. of Revenue      

How to Make Electronic Commerce Estimates by City
 Joe Fitz, California Dept. of Tax & Fee Administration

The Pennsylvania Marketplace Law
 Amy Gill, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue


Chainbridge Software
Experience Estimating the Revenue Impact of TCJA - a Microsimulation Modeling Approach

 Eric Cook, Kirk Copen, and Jaime Copenhaver, Chainbridge Software, LLC

Chainbridge will present a brief overview of microsimulation modeling in general, along with highlights from their recent experience estimating the revenue impact of the international, individual and business provisions of TCJA.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Wednesday Morning General Session

 presiding: Bob McKee, Florida Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

Forecasting Marijuana Excise Taxes
 Kile Porter, Nevada Dept. of Taxation

A Study of the DC Rental Market and the Role of Millennials
 Daniel Muhammad, Yi Geng and Farhad Niami, District of Columbia ORA
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