Improving and empowering state tax administration
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Improving and empowering state tax administration

2005 Revenue Estimating Conference

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Presentations & Papers

Monday, October 10

General Session

Federal Revenue Trends – April Surprise
Joel Platt, U.S. Treasury [presentation]

Modeling Capital Gains Forecast
Larry Ozanne, Congressional Budget Office

Federal Tax Reform Efforts
Tom Neubig, Ernst & Young, LLP [presentation]

Colorado TABOR Initiative
Phyllis Resnick, Research Director, Colorado Center for Tax Policy [presentation]

speaker: Mark Zandi,
Economic Outlook
Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Session I: Sectorial Outlook

Outlook for the Automotive Industry, Van Jolissaint, DaimlerChrysler [presentation]

Outlook for Housing Sector, Mark Zandi, [presentation]

Outlook for Retail Sector, Michael Niemara, International Council of Shopping Centers

Energy/Oil Outlook, Tony Say, Clearwater Enterprises, LLC


Session II: Tax Gap and Compliance Research – moderator: Mary Welsh

Tax Gap Analysis, Dan Bolognino, New York State Department of Taxation & Finance
[presentation & paper]

Matching with Licensing Records, Michael Sobul, Ohio Dept of Taxation


Tuesday, October 11

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Session I: Silk Purses from Sows Ears: Estimating the Impact of Little Taxes– moderator: Tom Williams
- Greg Harkenrider, Kentucky Office for Policy Research

-Revenue Impact of Tax Increases on Alcopops, Natalie Davila, Illinois Dept of Revenue [presentation]

-Andrea Wilco, Utah Legislative Fiscal Analyst

-Making Estimates with Limited Information: A Case Study in Visual Least Squares Estimation, Brian Jacobik, Florida Dept of Revenue [presentation]

Session II: Telecommunications Taxes  - moderator: Christian Weiss

Changes in the Telecommunications Industry, Joe Fitz, California Board of Equilization [presentation]

Taxing Telecommunications Servie Inputs: Policy & Fiscal Implications , Michael Lipsman, Iowa [presentation & paper]

Taxing Telecommunications: Industry Response, Deborah Bierbaum, AT&T


Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Session I: Forecasters Forum- moderator: Natalie Davila

Budget Implications of Growth in Population & Employment in DC, Farhad Niami, District of Columbia Office of Revenue Analysis [presentation]

Say goodbye to April Surprises, Michael Kennedy, Oregon [presentation]

Using E-Filed Returns to Identify Source of Change in Income and Tax Liability
Michael Lipsman, Iowa Dept of Revenue

Rising Gasoline Prices and Sales Tax Collections, Bill Casey and Jim Stevens, New York Dept of Taxation & Finance
[presentation & paper]

Session II: State Tax Reform - moderator: Reece Womack

Ohio Tax Reform Commission, Fred Church, Ohio Dept of Taxation and Robert Cline, Ernst & Young, LLP [presentation]

Tax Reform in Kentucky, Greg Harkenrider, Office for Policy Research

Tax Reform in Oklahoma, James Wilbanks, Oklahoma Treasurer's Office [presentation]

Session III: Issues in Property Taxes– moderator: Michael Allen

Florida Experience with Property Tax Caps, Christian Weiss, Florida Dept of Revenue

Analyzing Local Residential Tax Burdens, Michael Allen, Maine Revenue Services and Benjamin Uy, Bearing Point [presentation]

Vermont's Circuit Breaker Program, Susan Mesner, Vermont Dept of Taxes [presentation]

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Session I: Corporate Tax Issues – moderator: Susan Mesner

Revenue Impact of Combined Reporting on the Corporate Net Income Tax
Shane Sanders, Pennsylvania Dept of Revenue
[presentation & paper]

Federal Legislation Affecting Corporate Income Taxes, Elliott Dubin, Multistate Tax Commission [presentation & paper]

Kicking the Apportionment Formula: Recent Chages to Oregon's Corporate Tax, and Some Unintended Consequences, Jonathan Hart, Oregon Dept of Revenue


Session II: E-Commerce and the Streamlined Sales Tax Project  - moderator: Reid Linn

Washington Sourcing Study, Don Gutmann, Washington Dept of Revenue

Estimating Tax Revenue Losses from Remote Sales, Martha Jones, California Research Bureau [presentation]

Analyzing E-Commerce & Its Revenue Impact, Joe Fitz, California Board of Equalization

Evening Banquet

Wednesday, October 12

General Session

Impact of the Federal Alternative Minimum Tax on New Yorkers
Karen Schlain, New York City Dept. of Finance

Survey of State Research
Karl Knapp, North Carolina Dept. of Revenue

A Cross-Sectional Multivariate Analysis of Florida's Revenue Estimating Conference Estimates
Brian Jacobik, Florida Dept. of Revenue