Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

2023 Revenue Estimating Conference

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Monday, October 2, 2023
Monday Morning General Session
presiding: Kazim Ozyurt, Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

Welcome to Salt Lake City  
Commissioner John Valentine, Utah State Tax Commission      

Macroeconomic Outlook  
Chris Varvares, S&P Global Market Intelligence      

Regional Economic Outlook  
Emily Mandel, Moodys Anaytics

Using Cell Phone Data to Forecast State Revenue  
Thomas Young, Ph.D., Econometric Studio


Lunch [with speaker]
Gary Cornia, Professor, Marriott School at BYU      


Concurrent Sessions

moderator: Kazim Ozyurt, Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

Housing & Contruction Outlook  
Kenneth Simonson, AGC

Retail Outlook  
Thomas Paulson,


Managing a Research Section
How to Engage Elected Officials  

Zachary Wyatt, Missouri Dept. of Revenue      

Luke Morris, Louisiana Dept. of Revenue      


Tuesday, October 3, 2023
FTA-NTA Joint Session - Issues with State Business Taxes
moderator: Kazim Ozyurt, Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

2023 State Business Tax Climate Index  
Jared Walczak, Tax Foundation

Total State and Local Business Taxes - FY 2021  
Andrew Phillips, Ernst & Young LLP
 [presentation]    [papers]

Federal & State Implications of PTEs  
Richard Prisinzano, Yale University

discussant: Michael Allen, Maine Revenue Services      



Concurrent Sessions

Forecasting in a Changing Economic Environment (Post-pandemic)

Making and Measuring Assumptions in South Carolina  
Frank Rainwater, South Carolina Revenue & Fiscal Affairs office

Kentucky Experience With Time Series and Structural Models  
Greg Harkenrider, Kentucky Office of State Budget Director

Open Discussion  
Conference participants will have the ability to discuss some of the economic/modeling techniques they use for their forecasts      


Gasoline Excise Tax Issues
moderator: Jake Feldman, Vermont Dept. of Taxes      

The Impact of Electric Vehicle Adoption on Road Funding in Michigan  
Chris Douglas, The University of Michigan-Flint and the Mackinac Center
 [presentation]    [papers]

Utah's New Tax on EV Charging Stations  
Eric Cropper, Utah State Tax Commission

The Texas Tax on EVs  
Katilin Wetherbee, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Forecasting Dynamic Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Policy with REMI Tax-PI
Peter Evangelakis and Julian Cook, REMI

Description: REMI Tax-PI is a tool trusted by state and local governments for evaluating the dynamic economic and fiscal impacts of a wide variety of policies, ranging from changes in tax structure to economic development projects and their associated incentives. Join us for a live demonstration of Tax-PI by Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Economics and Consulting at REMI, and Julian Cook, Senior Associate at REMI. We encourage everyone who may be interested to attend, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions during or after the presentation.      


Chainbridge Software LLC
Estimating the State Revenue Effects of Expiring Provisions of the TCJA
Jaime Copenhaver and Bibek Sharma, Chainbridge Software

Description: During this presentation, Jaime Copenhaver and Bibek Sharma will discuss the expiring provisions of the TCJA and demonstrate how the PolicyLinks system may be used to estimate the state revenue effects of these provisions.      

Pass Through Entity Tax Workarounds
moderator: Steven Giachetti, District of Columbia Office of Revenue Analysis


Joshua Goldstein and Eden Mulate, New York City Office of Management and Budget      

Colby White, California Department of Finance and Allen Prohofsky, California Franchise Tax Board


Nontax Policy Changes Affecting Revenues
Economic and Revenue Impact from the End of the Student Loan Moratorium  
Matthew Knittel, Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office


Moody's Analytics
Modeling A Consumer Credit Crunch
Haley Curtin, Moodys Analytics

Description: Consumers have been a key firewall between recession and continued growth. But what if that barrier were to crumble? In this session, Haley Curtin from Moodys Analytics will present an outlook for consumers and highlight the potential downside risks to spending. Moodys Scenario Studio platform will be used to demonstrate a shock to consumer credit and its implications for the economy and tax revenues.      


Simplification and Transparency
Conan Royce, Avalara

Description: Come hear a case study of what Avalara is doing to assist in bringing simplification and transparency to Indirect Tax. There will be a demonstration of the State Sales Tax Lookups in place for Alaska, Colorado, and Missouri.      


Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Wednesday Morning General Session
presiding: Kazim Ozyurt, Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

Stress-Testing the Budget in Utah  
Phil Dean, University of Utah and Robbi Foxxe, Utah Governor's Office of Planning & Budget

A Nationwide Review of Tax Burden and Tax Changes for 2021-2022  
Susan Steward, the District of Columbia Office of Revenue Analysis

Current Economic Climate and State Revenue Trends  
Lucy Dadayan, Urban Institute

See You in Norfolk, VA  
October 5-9, 2024