Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

Special Announcement: A New Look for FTA

Special Announcement: A New Look for FTA

Our members, our peers in state and local tax, and our friends:

After several months of development, creativity, and collaboration, we are thrilled to announce the June 7, 2023, launch of our refreshed brand logo. This launch is another milestone reached in our 2022–2027 Strategic Plan and a critical component in achieving our mission and vision for FTA’s future.

The strategic plan we laid out in 2022 serves as a roadmap for our organization’s success. Our goal is to thrive, be forward-looking, dynamic, and responsive in an ever-changing environment. An essential part of this strategy is to harmonize our brand image to reflect our growth, evolving identity, and longstanding tradition of delivering excellence in tax administration.

The Process

We followed a three-phase process in our journey to this new logo: Discovery, Design, and Feedback.
Figure 1: The Discovery phase led us through a variety of contemporary looks and feels.

The Discovery phase had us delve deep into our organization’s history, assessing our current position, and envisioning our future. The Design phase led to the creation of a visual symbol that retains the essence of our brand while encapsulating our future aspirations. The Feedback phase allowed us to incorporate diverse perspectives, refining the design to its current form.

Our new logo is not a departure from our roots, but rather a celebration of them. We drew inspiration from the logo that has proudly represented us for over 30 years, incorporating familiar shapes and angles. These classic elements intertwine with our new design, honoring our heritage while identifying where we are and the path ahead.

Figure 2: Common elements of the old FTA logo were used to inform the angular design of the new logo.

The new FTA logo introduces a brand mark element of three partial rings of dots, signifying forward motion and progress. They are an homage to the three organizations that merged to form today’s FTA, a visual representation of our unity and collaborative spirit.

Figure 3: New FTA logo dot elements.

Furthermore, these rings signify the multiplicity of programs and diverse blend of stakeholder groups forming the complex and dynamic tapestry of tax administration. We are a community that comes together, exchanges ideas, solves problems, and works towards a common goal. This brand mark encapsulates this philosophy, expressing the collective power of collaboration and diversity.

This visual refresh of our logo is an exciting new chapter in our organization’s history. One that respects our past and embraces the future. We are excited to continue this journey together, guided by our strategic plan and the goals we have set for ourselves.