Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

State Tax Agency Research Links

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See below for the relevant Economic and Tax Policy Research Websites, ordered by state.

Links to State Revenues

StateDepartment NameResource Link (Click to open in new tab/window)
AlaskaDepartment of RevenueRevenue Sources Book & Forecasts
AlabamaDepartment of RevenueTax Policy - Governmental Affairs
AlabamaDepartment of RevenueRevenue Reports [news release]
ArkansasFinance & AdministrationGeneral Revenue Reports [news release]
ArizonaDepartment of RevenueResearch Publications
CaliforniaState Board of EqualizationBOE Research
CaliforniaState Board of EqualizationBOE OPEN Data Portal
CaliforniaFranchise Tax BoardData, Reports, and Plans [FTB]
CaliforniaDepartment of FinanceEconomic & Financial Research [DOF]
ConnecticutDepartment of Revenue ServicesStatistical Reports
ConnecticutGeneral AssemblyState Tax Study Panel
District of ColumbiaOffice of Tax and RevenueMonthly Cash Reports
DelawareDivision of RevenueDepartment of Finance
FloridaDepartment of RevenueTax Collection Statistics
FloridaDepartment of RevenueOfficial State Forecasts
FloridaEconomic & Demographic ResearchOffice of Economic & Demographic Research
FloridaEconomic & Demographic ResearchMonthly Revenue Reports
GeorgiaGovernor's OfficeMonthly Cash [News Release]
HawaiiDepartment of TaxationStatistics
IowaDepartment of RevenueResearch Library
IowaDepartment of RevenueTax Research & Statistics Section
IowaDepartment of ManagementMonthly Revenue Reports
IdahoState Tax CommissionReports and Statistics
IllinoisDepartment of RevenueTax Research
IllinoisDepartment of RevenueMonthly Revenue Reports
IllinoisCommission on ForecastingMonthly Briefings
IndianaState Budget AgencyTax Collections Statistics
IndianaDepartment of RevenueReports
KansasDepartment of RevenueTax Policy and Statistical Reports
KansasLegislative Research DepartmentMonthly Revenue Reports
KentuckyState Budget DirectorOffice of State Budget Director
KentuckyState Budget DirectorPublications
KentuckyState Budget DirectorMonthly Revenue Reports
LouisianaDepartment of RevenuePublications
MassachusettsDepartment of RevenuePress Releases and Reports
MassachusettsDepartment of RevenueRevenue Reports [News Release]
MarylandComptroller of Maryland Reports
MaineRevenue ServicesResearch Division Publications
MaineState ControllerMonthly Revenue Reports
MichiganDepartment of TreasuryReports & Publications
MichiganBudget OfficeMonthly Revenue Reports
MinnesotaDepartment of RevenueResearch Reports
MinnesotaManagement and BudgetManagement and Budget [Forecasts]
MinnesotaManagement and BudgetMonthly Revenue Reports
MississippiDepartment of RevenueStatistics & Reports
MissouriDivision of Budget & PlanningRevenue Reports
MontanaDepartment of RevenuePublications
MontanaDepartment of RevenueMonthly Revenue Reports
North CarolinaDepartment of RevenueReports & Statistics
North CarolinaState ControllerMonthly Financial Reports
North DakotaDepartment of RevenuePublications and Reports
NebraskaDepartment of RevenueStatistics
New HampshireDepartment of RevenueStatistical Publications
New JerseyDepartment of TreasuryPublications
New JerseyDepartment of TreasuryMonthly Revenues [news release]
New MexicoDepartment of RevenueTax Resources
NevadaDepartment of TaxationStatistical Publications
New York CityDepartment of FinanceFinance Home Page
New YorkState Department of TaxationPolicy & Statistical Reports
New YorkState Division of the BudgetDivision of Budget
New YorkState Department of TaxationMonthly Revenue Reports
OhioOffice of State Tax CommissionerResearch Section
OhioBudget & ManagementMonthly Revenue Reports
OklahomaTax CommissionReports and Publications
OklahomaTax CommissionDaily Taxes Collected Reports [view public reports]
Oklahoma Office of Management ServicesMonthly Revenue Reports
OregonDepartment of TaxationResearch
OregonOffice of Economic AnalysisOffice of Economic Analysis - Budget
OregonOffice of Economic AnalysisOffice of Economic Analysis - Blog
PennsylvaniaDepartment of RevenueStatistics & Reports
PennsylvaniaDepartment of RevenueRevenue Reports 
Philadelphia, PADepartment of RevenueRevenue Reports
Puerto RicoDepartment of RevenueStatistics & Revenue
Rhode IslandDepartment of RevenueReports
South CarolinaDepartment of RevenuePublications
South CarolinaRevenue & Fiscal Affairs OfficeMonthly Revenue Reports
South DakotaDepartment of Revenue and RegulationPublications
South DakotaDepartment of Revenue and RegulationStatistics
TennesseeDepartment of RevenueStatistics and Collections
TexasComptroller of Public AccountsFinance Reports
TexasComptroller of Public AccountsMonthly Revenue Reports
UtahState Tax CommissionEconomic & Statistics Unit
VirginiaDepartment of TaxationFacts and Figures Page
VirginiaDepartment of FinanceRevenue Reports
VermontDepartment of TaxesData and Statistics
VermontFinance & ManagementMonthly Revenue Report
WashingtonDepartment of RevenueStatistical Reports
WashingtonForecast CouncilEconomic & Revenue Forecast Council
Washington Forecast CouncilMonthly Revenue Reports
West VirginiaTax DepartmentResearch
West VirginiaBudget OfficeMonthly Revenue Reports
WisconsinDepartment of RevenueReports
WisconsinDepartment of RevenueMonthly Revenue Reports [news release]
WyomingDepartment of RevenuePublications