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Improving and empowering state tax administration

2017 Revenue Estimating Conference

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2017 FTA Revenue Estimating Conference - Presentations

All presentations are in pdf format.


Monday, September 25, 2017
Monday Morning General Session

 presiding: Aaron McNay, Montana Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

Welcome to Omaha
 Tony Fulton, Tax Commissioner, Nebraska Dept. of Revenue      

Macroeconomic Outlook
 Patrick Newport, IHS Markit Economics

Regional Economic Outlook
 Dan White, Moodys Analytics

Recent State Revenue Trends
 Donald Boyd, Rockefeller Institute of Government


Lunch [with speaker]
Taxes in the Time of Truthiness
 Billy Hamilton, Tax Analysts and Billy Hamilton Consulting      


Concurrent Sessions


 moderator: Aaron McNay, Montana Dept. of Revenue      

Retail Outlook
 Patrick Newport, IHS Markit Economics

Automobile Outlook
  Kim Hill, HWA Analytics


Federal Tax Changes and the Impact on the States

 moderator: Farhad Niami, DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer      

Impact of Federal Tax Reform on PIT in New York City
 Karen Schlain, New York City Dept. of Finance


Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Joint FTA-NTA Session* - State General Business Taxation: Obsolete? Hopeless? Or Prospective?

 Moderator: Ranjana Madhusudhan*, Office of Revenue & Economic Analysis, NJ Department of Treasury      

Long-Term Trends in State CIT: A Zombie Tax
 Elliott Dubin, Multistate Tax Commission

State of General Business Tax Options: CIT, GRT or VAT?
 Robert Ebel, CT Tax Study Commission (2015)

The State Tax and Budget Implications of Federal Tax Reform
 Karl Frieden, Council on State Taxation


 Discussant: Mike Lipsman, Strategic Economics Group      


 Discussant: Norton Francis, District of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue      


 * Organized by Dr. Ranjana Madhusudhan, New Jersey Dept. of Treasury      



Concurrent Sessions

State Tax Credit Analysis

 moderator: Emily Camfield, Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue      

Iowa's Award Winning CACTAS System
 Amy Harris, Iowa Dept. of Revenue

The Minnesota Student Loan Tax Credit
 Curtis Walker and Calvin Trombley, Minnesota Dept. of Revenue

The Maine Student Loan Tax Credits
 David Gunter, Maine Revenue Services


Corporate Tax Estimating Issues

 moderator: Ralph Franklin, Montana Budget Office      

Ohio: Gross Receipts Tax in Operation
 Ken Frey, Ohio Dept. of Taxation

Oregon Tax Reform and the CAT
 Christopher Allanach, Oregon legislative Revenue Office

Market Based Sourcing
 Amy Gill, Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue


Estimating Dynamic Revenue Using REMI Tax-PI

 Peter Evangelakis, PhD, Associate Economist      



Chainbridge Software
Using the PolicyLinks System to Efficiently Evaluate the Effects of Tax Policy Changes

 James Copenhaver, VP Software Development and Kirk Copen, VP Software Development      



Issues in Sales Tax Analysis

 moderator: Joe Fitz, California Dept. of Taxes & Administration      

Iowa Sales Tax Incidence Model
 Aaron Barker, Iowa Dept. of Revenue

Local Sales Tax, Cross-Border Shopping and Traveling Cost
 Iksoo Cho, Nebraska Dept. of Revenue

Recent Trends in NYCs Sales Tax
 Joshua Goldstein, New York City Office of Management of Budget



Database Analysis

 moderator: Ron Alt, FTA      

Washington State's Data Visualization Tools
 Kim Davis, Washington State Dept. of Revenue


Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Wednesday Morning General Session

 presiding: Aaron McNay, Montana Dept. of Revenue and FTA Research Chair      

The Case For Consumer-Focused Use Tax Enforcement and Experimentation
 Adam Thimmesch, University of Nebraska College of Law

The Puzzling Decline in State Sales Tax Collections
 Mike Lipsman and Natalie Davila, Strategic Economics Group
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