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Improving and empowering state tax administration
Improving and empowering state tax administration

2008 Revenue Estimating Conference

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Monday, September 15
General Session  
General Economic Outlook
  Nigel Gault, Global Insight

Regional Economic Outlook
  Mark McMullen, Moody's Economy.com

Fiscal Conditions of the States
   Robert Ward , Rockefeller Institute of Government

Estimating Tax Base Volatility in Minnesota
   Tom Stinson and Matt Schoeppner, Minnesota Dept. of Finance
Lunch Lunch

Speaker: William Fox , University of Tennessee
Concurrent Sessions
Session I - Sectorial Economic Outlook

  Housing - Jedd Smith, National Association of Realtors
  Automotive - Kim Hill, Center for Automotive Research (invited
  Retail - Nigel Gault, Global Insight
Session II - Tax Compliance

Minnesota Consumption Tax Model and Sales Tax Gap
  Rod Hoheisel, Minnesota Dept. of Revenue
Washington Unregistered Business Study

  Lorrie Brown, Washington Office of Financial Management
Tuesday, September 16
General Session
Joint FTA/NTA Session I

 Impact of Massachusetts Film Tax Credit
  Howard Merkowitz, Massachusetts Dept of Revenue
    Impact of the Massachusetts Film Production Tax Incentives (paper)
    Report on The Massachusetts Film Industry Tax Incentives (paper)

 Analyzing the Impact of Tax Incentives Using the Representative
  Firm Approach

   Sara Teachout, Joint Fiscal Office, Vermont Legislature

 Ohio’s Economic Development Incentives
  Which Parts of the State and Which Industries Benefit the Most?

   Robert T. Greenbaum, Ohio State University

Discussant(s): Jennifer Weiner and/or Robert Tannenwald, New England Public Policy Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston,
Joint FTA/NTA Session II

Empirical Evidence on the Revenue Effects of State Corporate Income Tax Accounting Policies
  Sanjay Gupta, Mary Ann Hofmann, Jeffery Gramlich and Jared Moore

Did FIN 48 Arrest the Trend in Multistate Tax Planning?
  Sanjay Gupta, Lillian Mills, and Erin Towery

Overview of the Michigan Business Tax
  Jeffrey Guilfoyle, Michigan Dept. of Treasury

Combined Reporting Made Easy, and the Basics of Selected Other Fundamental State Business Tax Reforms
  Bob Tannenwald, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Discussant: Fred Church, Ohio Dept. of Taxation and Leann Luna, University of Tennessee
Concurrent Sessions  
Session I - Issues in Capital Gains Forecasting

Out on a Limb Near the Bottom of the Tree, Forecasting Capital Gains in Maine
  Michael Allen, Maine Revenue Services

The California Capital Assets Sample
  Jay Chamberlain, California Franchise Tax Board

Sales of Capital Assets Panel Data for Tax Years 1999-2003
  Gerald Auten, U.S. Treasurey
  Janette Wilson, IRS

Learning from Recent Errors
  Larry Ozanne, U.S. Congressional Budget Office

Session II - Modelling Property Tax Reform

Using the American Community Survey (ACS) in Fiscal Impact Analysis: The Property Tax Circuit Breaker
   Robert Zahradnik and David Bradley, District of Columbia Office of Research & Analysis

Analyzing New York State Property Tax Relief Options: A New Approach
  Art Friedson, Tanette Nguyen-McCarty, and Joyce Curry
  New York Dept. of Taxation & Finance

Indiana Property Tax Reform-Estimating Circuit Breakers with the Use of a Parcel-Level Data Warehouse
  Bob Sigalow & Diane Powers,
Legislative Services Agency
Circuit Breaker Model Methodology - Paper

Concurrent Sessions  
Session I - Isues in Revenue Forecasting

Alternative Individual Income Tax Forecasting Models: In Search of Accuracy & Flexibility
  Romina Soria, Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue
Federal Revenue Forecasting
  Rudolph Penner, Urban Institute
Session II - State Tax Credit Review and Evaluation Programs

 New York City Real Property Tax 421a Exemption Experience
    John Grathwol, New York City Office of Management & Budget

 New York City Real Property Tax Industrial & Commercial Incentive Program Experience
    Francesco Brindisi and David Ehrenberg, New York City Economic Development Corporation

 Iowa Tax Credit Analysis Program [2008 FTA Research Award Winner]
  Michael Lipsman & Angela Gullickson, Iowa Dept. of Revenue
    Iowa's Tax Credit Tracking and Analysis Program (paper)

Wednesday, September 17
General Session
Health Insurance Exchange Study in Minnesota
  Deborah Chollet, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

Using GIS to Analyze Taxpayer Demographics Around Development Projects
 Betty Alleyne, District of Columbia Office of Research & Analysis

Update on Research Roundtable Activities

Invitation to Des Moines
*Organized: Robert Tannenwald, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston